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RjdetwielerPosted on  6:05 pm - Feb 13, 2018

Very helpful, worked with me all the way. Felt safe, deal went well, would recommend

MadsPosted on  2:18 pm - Feb 13, 2018

Extra premium service! I paid for account and got it handed over to me within 1 minute. Cant get better service than this.

AnonymousPosted on  12:34 am - Feb 12, 2018

Everything ok. Pleasure doing business.

Josh UnberPosted on  2:03 pm - Feb 7, 2018

This is my 5th deal with Elkido. Top service!

NikosPosted on  2:02 pm - Feb 7, 2018

Awesome service! Great price. Way cheaper than im used to get on other places! Will purchase again!

LanceroyPosted on  2:57 pm - Feb 2, 2018

Very professional, and very helpful. Always answers any questions I have. Will work with again. A+++

AnonymousPosted on  9:58 pm - Jan 18, 2018

Recommend highly, super friendly & helpful, I went first and received money after with no issues 🙂

ColePosted on  10:15 pm - Jan 6, 2018

Everything went very well. Once character was sold payment was fast and easy

JustnnPosted on  6:45 pm - Dec 23, 2017

Really cheap, fast deliver and awesome support, 10/10

AnonymousPosted on  12:29 am - Dec 23, 2017

Can’t ask for anything better. Guy is super nice and will guide you through the entire process. Even came with free 100g. I don’t normally do reviews, but this guy earned it.

DraxPosted on  10:17 pm - Dec 22, 2017

Bought a shaman 10/10 Service 🙂

supermanPosted on  2:24 am - Dec 20, 2017

all good for buying my char. I handed over all the infos first. I got my payment minutes after! Extremely fast and trusted guy!

ValforgePosted on  1:44 am - Dec 20, 2017

Transaction was made easy without the lurking fear of getting robbed. Thanks again.

KidaphricaPosted on  11:25 pm - Dec 19, 2017

You can trust this guy 🙂 thanks a lot for the patience also mate

donyPosted on  12:51 pm - Dec 19, 2017

competent & trustable guy. 5/5

SimhakPosted on  6:45 pm - Dec 16, 2017

Fast and easy, reliable and safe. You can use his services without being worried

Pegasus DomainsPosted on  2:17 pm - Nov 9, 2017

Extremely good service. Had no issues with handing over my account details for a sale and was 100% secure.
And later when I purchased another account I received the account details instantly with no issues with logging in and complete security on the attached email address giving me full control over the account.

Highly recommended service if you wont want to risk buying an account from some random

AyooPosted on  5:02 pm - Oct 21, 2017

Great guy! Fair and reasonable, will do business with him again.

BobtheSCVPosted on  10:20 am - Oct 20, 2017

Really great guy, everything smooth as silk. Well worth.

memento.moriPosted on  5:12 pm - Sep 5, 2017

Great guy, trusted, good communication, my recommendations!!

HeisenbergPosted on  12:12 am - Jul 30, 2017

I recommend this.
He has sold 2 of my Kronos characters and I’ve bought 1 Elysium character with no problems at all.

AnonPosted on  11:02 pm - Jun 29, 2017

Bought the best damn toon I could find for the class I wanted. And it was from this guy. Had another seller with almost the same gear and everything, but he wanted 350 for it. Elkido sold it to me for 290. So happy I got what I wanted and for cheaper than others. Will be visiting again when I’m in the market for someone else.

AnonymousPosted on  5:52 am - Jun 24, 2017

quick and legit. very good service

ViktorPosted on  11:11 am - Jun 18, 2017

Sold my char less than 2 weeks. Very good.

BalaguaPosted on  9:45 am - May 28, 2017

Great experience

MinuuPosted on  5:35 pm - May 17, 2017

He sold my char for me via his website in about 2 weeks, nice and trustworthy, fast payment, it’s the guy you need if you want the job done 🙂

JFPosted on  3:05 am - May 15, 2017

You can thrust him for real, i buy an account and he gave me every informations that i need to be mine, i was scared but he is really cool and thrustworthy

Just a noob from Nostalrius :)Posted on  10:36 am - May 14, 2017

Not much to say, you can trust on him 100%, sold my char in like 1 week and like others i was skeptical but he did a really good job and was really proffesional [ I had some saved passwords left saved on my email account i gave to him and he told me to delete them even tho i didnt know they are there. Hope he keeps with his service, +REP +10.

AcniPosted on  3:04 pm - May 12, 2017

Sold my char in a perfect manner, good contact and fast payment 5/5 would bang!

anonPosted on  3:02 pm - May 12, 2017

Smooth and easy, would do business again.

anonyPosted on  11:44 pm - May 11, 2017

i am gonna try to order something, i will post the results later

DayickPosted on  9:41 pm - May 5, 2017

I was selling. I was sceptic very much.. ++rep to this man. You can trust him. Recommended.

DarkostPosted on  3:30 pm - May 3, 2017

Instant delivery , he explain me what i need to do bcs my english is to bad !
Good guy with good service u can buy all u want he clean !

Best mage in history of nostalriusPosted on  12:26 am - May 2, 2017

Decent Buisenessman, Friendly,transparent,trustworthy,quick payment after selling my charachter.
Took only 2-3 days for him to find a customer for my charachter for a price of 400€ (300 for me, 25%effort cut for him)
any time again.

AnonymousPosted on  11:43 pm - Apr 28, 2017

Just bought my first character. The whole process was easy and painless and I was playing on the character within 5 minutes of making contact on skype.

RodneyPosted on  2:47 pm - Apr 20, 2017

Just bought another batch of gold from Elkido, Dude is fast, safe and is a nice guy. I appreciate you buddy!

OasengutenPosted on  8:57 pm - Apr 18, 2017

I had doubts at first, but this an upstanding businessman. Bought and recieved the character in 15 minutes. 10/10 from Norway.

TysonPosted on  9:07 pm - Apr 16, 2017

Really premium service. Answered all my questions in really friendly manner. Patient and easy to deal with. I bought a character on Elysium realm within 10 minutes. And the most important thing-AWESOME PRICES. Will buy again from this guy for sure. A++ service.

RanceRaptorPosted on  3:31 am - Apr 14, 2017

Quick and easy, handled most everything on discord. Easy payment, seller is knowledgeable about helping you transfer the char to your account and everything. 10/10
Prices are more fair than on twinstars auction page, that’s for sure.

rdanalogPosted on  8:12 pm - Apr 13, 2017

Quick and easy…great seller. awesome communication

DespizePosted on  3:11 pm - Apr 13, 2017

I work with Elkiddo for a very long time. He’s a good trader, always friendly and polite. Don’t be afraid to be tricked or smth like that, you can trust him.
++ rep

RGPosted on  3:08 pm - Apr 13, 2017

I was super skeptical at first after buying gold on MMOTANK-ETC (the chinese have like 50 diff websites that all tie to one) because my account was banned.

Elkido was super friendly and helpful thru the process of buying a character. He was Patient with my nubby ass, knowledgable, and thorough. I bought an account and it came with an email address that I was able to quickly secure. I also bought gold, but because my IP was at a high risk for being banned for gold buying he sent my $ back to me…I Will be buying gold from him in small increments very soon… his prices are fair and spot on. He genuinely cares about you being a satisfied customer. I give him 10 stars out of 5.

VeryNotPosted on  10:54 pm - Apr 9, 2017

Good guy, nice trade!

JatharPosted on  9:23 pm - Apr 7, 2017

Legitimate and reliable. Gives a great price and overall nice guy.

EkthePosted on  2:03 pm - Apr 7, 2017

Very quick and fair!!! Dont be afraid to trade with that guy 5/5 stars for sure!!

AlexPosted on  5:14 pm - Apr 2, 2017

I asked Elkido to find me an account on warmane, since he didn’t sell for that server. He managed to find one for me and I’m very pleased. Can recommend this to anyone!

icyhandPosted on  7:45 pm - Mar 30, 2017

Good trader, its always pleasure to make a deals with him

anonymousPosted on  7:44 pm - Mar 30, 2017

Great service, friendly guy. Made a very sensitive deal smooth and easy.

rngPosted on  6:54 pm - Mar 30, 2017

Quick, fair and cheap for what you get
5/5 stars possible.

GrimmPosted on  1:03 am - Mar 21, 2017

I was skeptical. But this man is 10/10 I got everything I asked for

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