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Gnome female mage northdale

Gnome female mage – Superb epic geared


Level 60 Gnome female mage

Superb geared mage with great gear set.

3xT2, 5xT1, sapphiron drape,elemental focus band, Ring of spell power,Gloves of hypnotic flame

Weapons:Claw of chromagus, therazane touch, Will of arlok, Fire rune grimoire,Zandalar hero charm, eye of the beast, Briarwood.

Extra gear: Tidal charm, Bloodvine set, Ringo blizzard boots, Robe of archmage,Seal of archmagus, Freezing band and much more.

Dozen of engineering pvp items, teleporters and trinkets,Skull of doom. nifty stopwatch, carrot on a stick and more.

Bank full of consumables, Root tubers, flasks potions elixirs etc

Decent Fire resist gear set.

Exalted AV

300 engineering

300 tailoring

300 first aid

150 riding epic mount

Rank 5 at the moment.

Call to order!

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