Gnome mage -R11 Commander

Level 60 male gnome mage R11 Commander Close to R12
Superb PvP geared mage.
Full Lieutenant commander arcanum pvp set
Bracers of arcane accuracy,Freezing band, Don rodrigo band, Maiden’s circle,Briarwood reed, Zandalar hero charm
Azuresong mageblade,Therazane touch. Extra gear:3xT1, 3xT2, Robe of volatile power, Bloodvine set,Robe of archmage
mantle of blackwing cabal,Mind quickening gem, talisman of ephemeral power
has +424 Frost damage
300 tailoring, 230 engineering(iron grenades), 300 cooking, 270 FA
150 riding epic mount

Rank 11 Commander mage and very close to Rank 12. In addition mage has +434 Frost spell damage which is very good!

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