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Human female rogue-3.7k gs Brutal full pvp


Level 70 human female rogue + ORc shaman

Superb geared rogue, 3782 pvp GS

3 pieces of brutal gladiator, 1 merciles +Engineering goggles. 5 pieces of Guardian items.

Weapons : Vanir’s right and left fists. Everything is gemmed and enchanted !

335 enchanting,375 engineering,375 fishing and first aid

225 riding 

11k honor. 440 AP

Orc female shaman has 3233 k gs PVE gear enhancement

Weapons:Vanir’s right and left fists.

Engineering goggles, Gloves of immortal dusk,Hard khorium band,Angelista revenge,Leggings of the pursuit and much more.

This is extremely hard hitting enha sham.

350 engineering

150 riding

190 gold in bags.

This account comes with Original email. 

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