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Human female rogue kronos 3

Human female rogue -Superb bis geared R10

Level 60 human female rogue R 10

Superb close to bis geared rogue.

R10 highest. R6 at the moment.,

Has Full lieutenant commander pvp set + Highlander full set.

Pve gear: 4xT2,6xT1, Ony tooth pendant,Cloak of honor guard,Drake fang talisman, HOJ, Blackhand breadth,band of acuria, master dragonslayer ring

Boots of shadow flame

Weapons:Perdition blade,Vis’kag, Brutallity blade, Blastershot launcher

Character has an item thats extremely rare and wont be named.

Has full Fire res gear.

Dozen of engineering items trinkets helmets nets etc.

All pvp factions exalted

300 lockpick, 300 poisons, 300 engineering, 100 herbalism

100 cooking, 300 first aid, 150 riding epic mount.

Call to order!

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