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human female warrior kronos 3

Human female warrior -Epic arms gear


Human female warrior

Great arms/fury geared war.

Lionheart helm,Onyxia tooth pendant,Truestrike shoulders. Black gargoyle cape,

Savage gladiator chain,Wristguards of stability,Cloudkeeper legplates, Blackstone ring, Painweaver band,

Hoj, blackhand breadth,Devilsaur set,

Vis’kag + mirah song weapons. Blackcrow ranged.

highest rank knight lieutenant – Has 2 pvp set items.

300 engineering, 300 herbalism,300 first aid, 300 cooking 

150 riding epic mount


Both Dal rend swords, Tidal Charm, Full T0 + 2 bags of tank gear with draconian deflector etc.

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