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Human male warrior northdale

Human male warrior-Superb tank and dps


Level 60 human male warrior

Awesome geared warrior both tank and dps gear sets. 5.4k hp non buffed.

Tank gear:6xT1, 1xt2,Redoubt cloak, talisman of protection,Bloodlord defender, Aegis of blood god,Styleen impending scarab, Lifegiving gem

Overlord onyx and crimson band set rings,Bloodsoaked greaves and more.

Dps:Lionhearth helm,imperial jewel,Blackstone ring, tarnished ring, Don julio ban, HOJ, blackhand breadth,Truestrike shoulders,Mirah song, Trash blade,

The unstopable force 2h,Epic pvp insignia,Stormstrike hammer,battleborn armbraces and more.

has fire res gear.

Exalted AV

300 engineering, 300 herbalism

300 first aid, 75 riding

rank 3.

Call to order!

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