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Orc female dk- 6.9k gs SM + valnyr priest

Level 80 female orc DK SM + Valnyr priest

Superb geared DK 6887 gs PVE gear+ Shadowmourne

Ilvl 284 and 277 HC gear.

17 pets, 32 mounts,

Mounts:Big blizzard bear,Invincible mount, Mimiron head

4x portable hole,100 BS, 150 engi. Has 10x heirlooms in bank

Priest has 6k gs + Valnyr hammer of ancient kings.Pve gear

On account htere are 6k gs Druid and Gnome mage.

Account comes with ORIGINAL EMAIL.

Honored rating-donated 500+

Ambasador rank.

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