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Orc male warrior northdale

Orc male warrior – Epic dps and tank gear

Great geared warrior. Epic gear.

DPS : Lionhearth helm,Will of martyr, Trustrike shoulders,Axe of the deep woods+Flurry axe( Both crusader)

Blackhand breadth, Rune of guard captain,Blackstone ring, painweaver band.Devilsaur set, Boots of avoidance

Omok girth restrrainer, Satyrs bow

Tank gear: Skullflame shield,2xt0. Myrmidon signet ring,Golem skull helm, Stockade pauldrons,Tank leggings from Rend

Medallion of grand marshal morris,Carapace crossbow, Stonegrip gauntlets

300 first aid, no profs.

75 riding

All attunements done.

Call to order!

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