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Orc warrior Nighthaven

Orc male warrior – Epic Tank and dps

Level 60 orc male warrior

Great geared warrior. Both tank and dps gear sets.
Tanks set: Quel serrar+ draconic deflector,5xT0,Redoubt cloak,3xT1,Force of will, counterattack lodestone,Band of ogre king,Boots of avoidance, Vereks collar,Vigilance charm
Dps gear:Obsidian edge blade, Arcanite reaper, Edgemasters handguards,Satyrs bow, Ogre forged hauberk,Blackwood helm, Truestrike shoulders,Battleborn armbracers
tarnished elven ring x2,Emberfury talisman, painweaver band, Mirah song,Dal rend sword.Blackhand breadth
Attuned for mc and ony
300 first aid
150 riding
No profs

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