Orc shaman-Sulfuras HoR

Level 60 female orc shaman – Sulfuras legendary

Superb Enha and elemental geared shaman. Resto gear set as well.

Enha gear: Sulfuras,Crown of destruction, Ony tooth pendant,Trustrike shoulders, Zulian tigerhide cloak,Savage gladiator chain

Wristguards of stability,Therazane link,Pirimalist legguards,Sabatons of flamewalker,Blackstone ring, Don julio band,Hand of justice., Blackhand breadth

Devilsaur set

Elemental gear:+ 235 spell power. Soul corupter necklace, T2 head,Cloak of hakkari worshipers,Zandalar augur chest and bracers, Fang of venoxis,Draconian aegis of the legion

Primalist wristguards,Seafury boots,Zanzil concentration rings,Briarwood, Zanadalar hero charm, hand of edward the odd

Resto gear:+300 bonus healing-2xT2, 1xt1,Zullian headdress,Battle healer cloak,Mindsurge robe,Aurastone hammer, Lei of lifegiver,Mindtap talisman,

boots of the full moon,Padre trousers

Exalted AV

300 engineering- has almost all engineering gadgets

50 enchanting

300 cooking and first aid. 150 riding epic mount

Rank 5 at the moment

Very unique and rare shaman. Has legendary weapon! Geared for all 3 roles.

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