Tauren male shaman

Level 60 male tauren shaman

Rank 12- General
Healer shamy,8/8 T2,Angelista charm,Hide of the wild,Dryads bindings,Jindo hexer, Malistar defender,Natural aligment crystal,Rejuvenating gem,Ring of martyr, Signet of bronze dragonflight,Salamander scale pants. Gear is enchanted. Full epic resto shamy.
Has epic Spell damage gear in bags. Enha gear in bags as well.
Pvp gear: Rank 12 gear, 3/6 Warlords earthshaker set,Champion stormcaller pvp set.
Extra pvp items:Tidal charm,Skull of impending doom,Carrot on a stick
Exalted:AB, AV, WSG,Nozdormu, Cenarion,Zandalar
300 engineering-Many engineering pvp items
300 mining
300 first aid
150 riding- Black war kodo and wolf


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