4x Bis characters

Elf druid,DK,hunter,priest pvp/pve bis.
Great account with several BIS characters.
Bis pvp discipline priest: 6250 PVP gear Full wrathfull gear set+ all off set pieces are wrathful, except ring and trinket
Rings: Ring of phased regeneration, valanar signet ring,
Trinkets: Bauble, Solace +3180 bonus healing and damage ,450 enchating
Elf female druid: BIS pve restoration ruid with 6533 GS with 4/5 sanctified set
each piece of gear is HC. Trinkets: Althor abacus, Glowing twilight scale
Weapon: Terenas sceptar + 3935 bonus healing
450 alchemy, 450 engi
Elf female hunter: BIS pvp with 6350 k gs. Full wrathful set,wrathful wepaons, Off pieces
Raven lord mount, 450 BS and JC
Human male DK: Full wrathful pvp set 6202 k gs, 2x death verdict trinkets
Bryntroll weapon 450 BS and JC

Priest, hunter, death knight,druid. Bis pvp/pve

Server: warmane icecrown

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