6.9k gs DK bis Pve

Male human death knight + Alts
Superb BIs geared pve death knight. 6.9k Gs Unholy Spec
Shadowmourne+ Full sanctified pve set. Each peace of gear is HC
Penumbra pendant, winding sheet,Polar bear claw bracers,DBW, STS,Might of blight, Ashen band,Apocalypse advance
Titles:Bane, Jenkins, Twilight vanquisher,Ashen verdict, Kingslayer etc.
Mounts: Ashes of Al’ar. Also has full tank gear in bags. 2.8k achievement points.
On account there are number of level 80 alts.
On this account there is 11+ heirlooms- Account bound items that gives bonus exp and level along the character.
Human female priest: 6k gs shadow spec, Full sanctified set, 3k spell damage
Human male warlock: 5.8k gs
Human male paladin: 6.2k gs Holy spec, 3.5k healing, Has tank gear as well.
Human male mage: 5k gs
Elf male druid: 5.3k gs
human male rogue: 5k gs


server: warmane icecrown

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