Bis warlock-7k achi+ Black qiraji tank

Human male warlock- BIS geared- Black qiraji crystal
Superb end game warlock with 7k achievements, great number of titles and mounts!
6536 gearscore PVE. Absolute bis geared. No Pvp gear except few relentless pieces.
Gear: 4/5 sanctified,Amulet of silent eulogy,Cloak of burning dusk,Bracers of fiery night,Crushing coldwraith belt,
Plaguebringer pants,Plague scientist boots, valaanar signet ring, Ashen band, Phylactery and sharpened twilight scale
weapons: Bloodsurge, Shadow silk spindle,Corpse impaling spike
7k chievement points!
 22 titles, some of them are Undying, Elder,Bane, Champion of Ulduar,Herald of titans,Astral walker, Explorer,Immortal, Love fool,Lod,
Noble, Patient
Mounts: 72 mounts. most notable ones are Black qiraji battle tank-Legendary mount, Big love rocket, Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher (310% speed)
Icebound frostbrood vanquisher(310% speed),Invincible,Rusted proto drake,Swift zullian tiger


server: warlock warmane icecrown

Superb end game warlock with great number of achievements and titles. Has extremely rare legendary mount -Black qiraji battle tank

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