BE paladin- Bis all 3 spec.

Blood elf female paladin Bis for all 3 specs!
Everything is gemmed and enchanted properly!
Blood elf female paladin.
Retri gear: 6923 gs 4x sanctified ret set, Penumbra, Shadovault cloak,Umbrage armbands,Fleshrending gauntlets,Astrulian cinch,Apocalypse advance,
Ashen band,signet of twilight,Tiny abomination,Sharpened twilight scale, libram of three truths
Tank gear: 6500 gs, 4x sanctified tank set, Broken ram skull helm,Bile encrusted medallion, Royal crimson cloak,Bracers of dark reckoning,Icecrown glacier wall,
libram of eternal tower,Belt of broken bones,Grinning skull greatboots,Juggernaut band,Devium cold ring,Sindragosa Flawless fang, Petrified twilight scale,Juggernaut vitallity.
Holy set: 6518 gs, 2x holy sanctified set,Blood queen crimson choker,Cloak of burning dusk,Rot resistant breastplate,Phaseshifter bracers,Bulwark of smouldering steel
Libram of renewal,Fallen lord handguards,Split shape belt,Plaguebringer stained pants,Foreshadow steps,Ring of rapid ascent, ring of phased regeneration,
Glowing twilight scale,Solace of the fallen.
Weapons:Shadowmoune, Val’anyr, Scepter of Terenass II,Mithrios,Bloodsurge
4870 achievement points.
Rare mounts: Big love rocket,Black drake,Fiery warhorse,Brewfest kodo ,Invincible,Raven lord,Traveler mammoth.
Titles: Bane, Legionaire, Starcaller,Twilight vanquisher, Ashen verdict,nightfall, explorer, Immortal, Kingslayer, Lod, Patient. Undying,
On account there is tauren male druid that is BIS balance geared, Bis resto and bis cat
Druid has Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher mount (310% speed) and invincible. Has 3.4k achi points.
On account there is also Ud dk with 6.2k gs.


server: warmane icecrown

Superb geared paladin best in slot gear for all 3 specs!

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