Bis human DK – 6870 gs

Bis Pve human female DK

Donation rank: Premium     Activity Rank: Envoy  18 points.

Scroll of deception x5, 30k hp non buffed

Superb DK absolute bis PVE with 6870 gs

Weapons: Shadowmourne, Cryptmaker

Gear: Full sanctified unholy dps set.Penumbra pendant,Varians Furor,Polar bear claw bracers,Coldwraith links,Scourge reaver legplates,Blood soaked saronite stompers

Sigil of hanged man

Trinkets: Deathbringer+Sharpened twilight scale

Rings:Might of blight,Ashen band for dps. Also has Ashen band for Tank spec!

Titles: Bane,AV, kingslayer,Lod, Noble

445 engi,403 JC, 1765 achievement points.

On account there is 4.6k gs human female warrior that has Shadowmourne.

server: warmane icecrown

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