Bis pvp+pve warrior

Bis Pve and Bis Pvp Human female warrior
Account status: contributor+ambassador. Has 29 points on account
Superb account bis Pvp and Bis pve fury/arms dual wield warrior.
Weapons: Shadowmourne+ Glorenzelg HC
Pve: 6884 gs Full sanctified set,Penumbra,Slayers cloak,Tosk writguards,Aldrianas gloves,Coldwraith links,Apocalypse advance,Frosthbrood sapphire ring, AV ring,
Sharpened twilight scale,Deathbringers will
Pvp gear: 6794 gs with Full wrathful pvp set +10 more wrathful off set pieces
All gear is properly enchanted and gemmed
Character has awesome horned daemon look transmog!
Warrior also has decent tank gear with several bis tank pieces.
3.6k achievement points.
Titles: Bane, Jenkins, AV, Nigthfall, Kingslayer, Lod,patient
Mounts: Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher (310% speed)
450 enchating,450 engineering,450 cooking, 210 emblem of frost.
On account there is number of alts:
Human female paladin: 6.3 gs ret pve, 4/5 sanctified set and 9 bis pieces.
Orc male shaman: 6.37k gs enha shaman 4/5 sanctified set + 8 bis pieces. 400 engineering, 450 jc
Orc male Dk with 5k gs
Troll female hunter with 5.6k gs.


superb warrior bis pve and pvp with dual wield sm and glorenzelg.

has 310% speed mount and number of alts!

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