Blood elf paladin-6.6k bis holy

Female blood elf paladin-BIS holy + bis shamans
Superb bis geared holy paladin
6590 gearscore +3618 bonus healing
Gear:Sanctified head and shoulders, Blood queen crimson choker,Cloak of burning dusk, Rot resistant breastplate
Phaseshifter bracers,fallen lord handguards,Split shape belt,Plaguebringer stained pants,Foreshadow steps,Ring of rapid ascent
ring of phased regeneration, Althor abacus,Glowing twilight scale
Weapons:Val’anyr, royal scepter of Terenas II,Bulwakr of smouldering steel,Libram of veracity+libram of renewal
titles: Bane, jenkins, Scout, Ashen verdict,Kingslayer, lod
Mounts: Invincible, Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher
427 engineering, 412 JC, 2k achi points.
Drenai female shaman: Bis resto geared 6532 gs. +3694 healing. 5k gold in bags+ 4-5k more in consumables. Invincible mount Engi+ tailoring
Troll male shaman: Bis resto geared 6474 gs, +3664 healing, Invincible mount, engi+ tailoring


server: warmane icecrown

superb bis holy geared paladin with terenas scepter and val’anyr. 2 bis resto shamans as an extra!

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