BE pala-BIS 3 spec

Blood elf female paladin-BIS all 3 spec. PvP and PvE

Titles: Bane of falen king, Centurion,Champion of frozen wastes,Obsidian slayer,Twilight vanquisher,Of ashen verdict,
Of nightfall,Argent defender, Kingslayer, Light of dawn,Noble, Patient
Mounts: Invincible, Swift spectral tiger, Traveler tundra mammoth
450 engi, 450 jc, 300 riding
Weapons: Shadowmourne. Val’anyr,Terenas scepter,Mithrios, Glorenzelg, Bloodvenom blade, trauma
Tank gear: BIS Pve 6500 gs
Holy gear: BIS PVE 6520 gs with Valanyr
PVP holy set: 6300 gs full wrath set
Retri gear: 6923 gs with SM
Tabards: tabard of crusade, Argent crusade,Explorer, Flame, brute force, Wrathful tabard.
4k achievement points.
On account there is mage alt with 6.2k full pve gear.

Superb end game paladin with BIS gear for all 3 spec and 2 legendary items.

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