UD DK- 6.7k bis pvp&pve

Ud male death knight,- BIS pvp and Pve gear- Warlord, Elder,Insane
Superb end game geared DK bis pvp and pve 6709 GS
5/5 wrath, 5/5 sanctifed, Shadowmourne, Ahn kahar onyx necklace, Winding sheet, Polar bear claw necklace
Apocalypse advance, Ashen band, skeleton lord circle,Deathbringer will,Whispering fanged skull, sigil of hanged man
Deaths choice, Sharpened twilight scale,Sigil of vengeful heart,Blood soaked saronite stompers
might of blight,Lanathel chain
Extra weapons: Glorenzelg HC, Bryntroll Hc
6565 achievemtn points
23 titles some of which are: Insane, bane, Bloodsail admiral,Conqueror, Elder,Warlord,Undying
Big love rocket,Invincible, raven lord,red proto drake,Swift zullian tiger
On account there is number of alts with 6-6.2k gearscore: Warlock, priest, warrior


server: warmane icecrown

Superb end game geared Death knight bis geared for both pvp and pve

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