Drenai paladin- 6.9k gs ret absolute bis.

Drenai male paladin -Absolute bis Ret pve
Superb geared paladin with 6923 gs. Absolute best in slot gear.
4/5 sanctified,Penumbra pendant,Shadowvault slayer cloak,Umbrage armbands,Fleshrending gauntlets,
Nerub’ar stalker cord,Apocalypse advance,Signet of twilight,Ashen band
Tiny abomination + Sharpened twilight scale trinkets.
Shadowmourne+Libram of three truths
Gear is fully enchanted and gemmed.
Has some tank and holy gear is bank. 3x scroll of deception
Titles: Bane, Jenkins, Sargeant,Twilight vanquisher, Ashen verdict,Kingslayer, Lod, Patient,
Mounts: Big love rocket,Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher 310% speed, Invincible
426 engi, 455 jewelcrafting, 2255 achievement points.

server: warmane icecrown

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