Druid- Bis pvp&pve Val’anyr

Elf male druid Bis resto, boomkin and bis pvp
Superb geared druid, 3 sets of bis gear
Resto: 6553 gs, Full heroic gear, Helm of elder moon,amulet of silent eulogy,shoulders of frost tipped thorns,Shredders cape,sanguine silk robes,
bracers of fiery night,handguards of winters respite, lingering ilness,Stiched scourge pants,Boots of unatural growth,Ring of maddening whispers,
Memory of malygos,Glowing twilight scale, Althor abacus, Sundial of eternal dusk, Idol of black willow
Moonkin : 6533 gs Full hc gear 4/5 sanctified set, plaguebringer stained pants,Plague scientists boots, Valanar other signet ring,Ring of rapid ascent,
Phylactery and Charred twilight scale trinkets.
Pvp resto:6353 gs, full wrathful set 5/5, wrath neck and wrist
Weapons: Valanyr, Terenass II HC,Archus HC, Trauma HC
Invincible mount.


server : warmane icecrown

Superb geared druid bis pvp and pve.

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