Druid feral + balance 6.2k

Elf female druid
Account status: Contributor+ Legate. Has 23 points on account.
Druid: Great geared with 2 sets of gear feral cat and balance
feral gear: 6.2k gs everythign is properly gemmed and enchanted.
BIS weapon Oathbinder HC, Bis trinkets: STS and DBW
Rings:Ashen band and Seal of many mouths.
balance gear: 6k gs, 3k spell damag, 4/5 sanctified set, weapons: Midnight sun + scourgelord batton
Bis trinkets: Phylactesy and CTS
Cerise coiled ring, Boots of unnatural growth,Pendant of split veins
Titles:Kinglsayer, Ashen verdict,patient
450 enchating, 450 JC
Paladin alt: Human ret paladin with 5.8k gs 450 ench, 450 tailoring
On account there is Lvl 19 twink warrior


server: warmane icecrown

Great geared druid with feral and balance gear sets.

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