Dwarf war 3.3k + Shaman 3.1k gs- Sulfuras US pvp

 Dwarf male warrior+ drenai female shaman-Sulfuras US PvP
Account has dark portal and northrend epic upgrade purchased.
Both character transfers are available.
Gametime is paid until 30th november 2022.
Warrior: 3259 gearscore tank geared raid ready. Click here for armory link
Has decent arms gear with colosal skul cleaver, gear around 3k gs.
Pets: vampiric bat, sinister squashling, pebble
Revered argent crusade and ebon blade, Rest is friendly-honored.
440 enchnating,450 mining, 300 cooking, 400 first aid ,300 riding epic flying mount.
1770 achievement points.
Drenai shaman: 3104 gearscore resto shaman. Raid ready. Click here for armory link
425 engineering,450 herbalism,300 cooking,300 riding epic flying
On account there are level 70 Death knight and lvl 72 warlock alts that come as a bonus.


server: Sulfuras US pvp

Decent geared warrior and shaman on sulfuras US pvp

All characters are transfer ready .

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