Dwarf war-Superb gear

Level 60 female dwarf warrior

Superb geared warrior with both Tank and DPS set

Tank gear: 6xT1, 2xT2,Medallion of steadfast might,Dragons blood cape,Trash blade, Drilborrer disc,Force of will, Vigilance charm,Ring of saviours,Seal of ascension
Fury/arms gear:Devilsaur set,Omok restrainer,HOJ, Blackhand breadth,Magni’s will,Cape of black baron,Blackstone ring, Painweaver band,lionhearth helm,Truestrike shoulders and other excellent pieces
Weapons:Trash blade,Mirah’s song,Dreadforge retaliator,Dal rend both swords,Barbarous blade,Felstriker, Shadowstrike
Decent fire resistance gear
Decent Nature resistance gear
All bank slots opened
Good amount of consumables
50 enchating
300 first aid
150 riding epic mount

Superb geared dwarf warrior for both dps and tank roles.

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