Elf druid

NE male druid-Kurinaxx pvp US

Great geared druid. Has gear for all 3 spec.
Resto: About 500 Bonus heal. 2xt2,2xT1,Animated chain necklace
living shoulders,hide of the wild,bracers of prosperity, hammer of grace, Lei
of lifegiver,Gloves of restoration,Eyestalk cord,Royal seal, 3xT1, Salamander pants
Feral gear: Devilsaur set,Eye of rend, Toombstone breastplate,girdle of bestial fury
Blademaster leggings,Blackstone ring, tarnished elven ring, Blackhand breadth,
Mark of fordring, nagelring,Lodestone,trustrike shoulders,Blackmist armguards
Weapons:Impervious giant and Unyielding maul 2 handers
balance gear: Several greens with + dmg buff,kentic amice, banthok sash
Omnicast boots, Luminary kilt,Chestplate of tranquility and more.
Attuned to Mc and ony
Exalted AV
300 alchemy, 300 herbalism,300 riding epic mount
rank 3 atm. 100 gold in bags and 100+ more in herbs that can be sold.
Lvl 26 mage alt on account.
On account theres also Hearthstone game with alot of legendary cards


Server: Kurinnaxx US pvp

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