Gnome lock-Bis pve

Male gnome warlock-Bis pve
Bis geared warlock with 6436 gearscore
3/5 sanctified set, amulet of silent eulogy,Cloak of burning dusck,Bracers of fiery night,Gloves of false gestures,Belt of ommision,Legings of woven death,
Deathfrost boots,Ashen band, Valanaar other signet ring,Phylactery, Chartred twilight scale
Bloodsurge, Shadow silk spindle,Corpse impaling spike
Has pvp set with 2 /5 wrath items and 3/5 relentless items.
3 pages of pets,Has onyxian drake mount
450 alchemy and enchanting, 18k golds in bags
4635 achievemtn points.
On account there is human female rogue alt with 6k gearscore , Has bis weapons and trinkets+ 13k gold in bags


server:  warmane icecrown

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