Gnome mage- Bis Pve

Gnome female mage+ paladin alt.
Bis pve geared gnome female mage
6215 gs full sanctified set, + 3300 spell power.
Ring of rapid ascent, Ashen band, Soulcleave pendant,Dislodged object, Charred scale.
Bloodsurge weapon.
1 wrathful set piece + 3 off set wrathful pieces.
Titles: twilight vanquisher, Of ashen verdict, Kingslayer
Swift nether drake mount- 310% speed.
maxed engineering and tailoring.
On account there is human paladin alt with 5.7k GS. Has proto drake mount.


server: icecrown warmane

Bis geared mage with full sanctified set. Has paladin alt.

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