Human male warlock

Level 60 male human warlock

Superb geared warlock
6xT1,4xT2, Choker of fire lord,3x zandalar set pieces,Blood caller, Tome of shadow force, Touch of chaos,Zandalar hero charm,Ring of unspoken names, Ring of spellpower and more.
8/8 ironweave battlesuit set set
3/3 Bloodvine set
Extra epics:Don rodrigo band,Therazan touch,Tome of fiery arcana,Charm of shifting sands,Sash of whispered secrets,band of servitude
Extra items:Cannonbal runner, Orb of deception,carrot on a stick, Barov pesant caller,Abyss shard
200 flat gold in bags
Exalted AV
300 herbalism
300 tailoring
300 first aid
150 riding
Panther hide sack – 18 slot


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