Human paladin-11k achievement points.


Human female paladin – 11k Achi points. Massive account, extremely unique
Extremely unique account. Loremaster achievement.
Bis PVE retri with 6940 gearscore, bis holy pve with 6562gs, Bis PVP 6791 gs each piece of gear is fully enchanted and gemmed.
Weapons: Shadowmourne + Terenas II
11305 achievement points.
45 titles some of them are:
 Loremaster,Crusader, Elder,Grand marshal, Herald,Justicar, Salty,Astral walker, Immortal,Seeker, Undying
96 pets some of them are: Oracle hatchling, Eggbert,Chuck, Rocket bots,Kirin tor familiar, Mini Tor and many more.
115 mounts some of them are: Big love rocket,Blood bathed frostbrood vanquisher,Blue proto drake, Icebound frostbrood vanquisher
invincible, Iron boud proto drake,Mimiron head,Red proto drake,Rusted proto drake, Swift zullian tiger,Violet proto drake, Winterspring frostsaber
43 exalted factions. tabards: Achiever,Explorer, Loremaster
Skills: 450 engi, JC, cooking, fishing, first aid. Weapon skills: ALL maxed out 400/400 4x 36 slot bags

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