Human priest bis pve-9k achi Loremaster


Human female priest BIS pve with 9k achievemrnt points- Loremaster
Superb priest absoulute bis PVE shadow and holy gear sets.
6557 gearscore. Terenas II weapon. Properly enchanted and gemmed.
4000+ spellpower non buffed.
38 titles some of which are: Loremaster,Bloodsail admiral,Crusader, Elder,Flame warden,Astral walker, insane,
100 mounts: Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher, Ironbound/blue/red/violet proto drake,Invincible, raven lord, Winterspring frostsaber
77 pets some of which are rare, 48 exalted factions
450 enchanting,engineering,cooking. first aid fishing. Weapon skills all maxed out.

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