Human rogue – earthshaker PVP

Level 60 female human rogue-Earthshaker EU PvP

Superb end game geared rogue almost full epic.
Click here to see armory link with current equipped gear
Extra epic gear that isnt currently equiped:
FULL Zandalar Madcap set (Epic set) 5/5
Full T1 Nightslayer gear set, 3 pieces of Tier 2 set(head,shoulder and belt)
Major mojo infusion ring set-Seal of jin and band of jin!
Trinkets: Zandalar hero medallion, Blackhand breadth,Venomous totem
Eskhandar collar, Onyxia tooth pendant, elementium threaded cloak, seal of gurubashi berserker
2 pieces of knight lieutenant set, gutgore ripper
Dozen of engineering pvp items (Death ray, Rocket boots, Mind control cap and so on)
Skull of impending doom, Gnomish net o matic and much more.
Honored AV, revered WSG
300 enginering, 270 mining, 300 riding epic mount, Rank 5 at the moment.
400 pure gold and about 500 more in materials-Arcanite bars, elementals etc.
On account there is retail UD rogue on Tarren mill server with 436 ilvl

server: earthshaker EU PvP

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