Human war bis pvp/pve 6.8k gs

Human male warrior- Bis pvp/Bis pve
Absolute bis warrior pvp/pve 6820 gearscore
Full wrathfull set, Full sanctified set,Penumbra pendant,Vereesa dexternity,Tosk writsguards,Coldwraith links,Apocalypse advance,
Ashen band, Frostbrood sapphire ring
Trinkets: DBW+ STS
Weapons: Shadowmourne, 2x glorenzelg, Blackbruise, Wrath gladiator handaxe, Fal’inrush ranged, Has warglaive of Azzinoth
Titles: bane,twilight vanquisher,Ashen verdict, Nightfall,Kingslayer, Lod 2090 achivement points
Swift zullian tiger mount
On account there is number of alts between 4 and 6k gs: Warlock,Druid, paladin,hunter, mage,rogue.

server: warmane icecrown

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