Human war- Bis pvp 8k achi R1


Human female warrior BIS pvp- Arena Master, Arena R1 , 8k achi points-Insane
Superb one of a kind warrior
BIS pvp with 6831 gearscore
Shadowmourne + fal’inrush, 5/5 wrath set,Penumbra, Vereesa dexterity,Tosk wristguards,Coldwraith links,Apocalypse advance,Signet of twilight
Frostbrood sapphire ring, STS + DBW trinkets. Has Wrath handaxe + icecrown glacial wall.
8075 achievement points
30 Titles,
 some of which: Arena master,Deadly gladiator,masrshal, Insane, exalted and many more.
94 pets some of which are rare. Tabards: Achiever,Lightbringer,
99 mounts, some of which are : Ashes of al’ar,Celestial steed, Blue, red proto drake,Deadly gladiator frost wyrm, Magic rooster, swift spectral tiger
swift zullian tiger and more
45 exalted factions, 450 engineering, cooking, fishing, first aid

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