Human warrior+pala-Bloodfang EU

Level 60 male human warrior + dwarf paladin – Bloodfang Eu

Full pre raid bis geared warrior.
Gear: Crown of Tyrany, Spaulders of Valor,cape of black baron, Savage gladiator chain,battleborn armbraces,
gauntlets of valor,Brigam girdle, Legplates of valor, Boots of valor,Blackhand doomsaw, Blackcrow
Blackhand breadth, Hand of justice, Magni will,band of flesh, mark of fordring
Blacksmith 300
Mining 300
100% riding epic mount, Onyxia attuned, 50 ish gold in bags.
On account there is level 54 dwarf male paladin alt
Paladin has 280 blacksmith and decent gear for its level.

Server: Bloodfang EU

Great geared warrior with paladin alt. has epic riding and pre raid bis gear!

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