Human war-Great dps/tank gear

level 60 human female warrior
Great geared warrior has both dps and tank gear set.
Dps : Lionhearth,Ony tooth pendant, Drake talon pauldrons,Cloak of draconic might,Savage glad chain,Onslaught girdle
Titanic legings,Don julio band, Master dragonslayer ring, Blackhand, Hand of justice.
Weapons: Ironfoe, Brutality blade, Deathbringer, Both dal rend swords,Obsidian edge blade,Zin’rokh, Felstriker
Tank gear:Few T1 and T2 pieces, Gauntlets of imovable,Aegis of blood god, Redoubt cloak, etc
gear is enchanted
Exalted AV
300 engineering,300 mining,300 first aid
150 riding

Great arms/fury warrior. Has good choice of weapons such as Ironfoe and Zinrokh!

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