Human F warrior 4.1k gs PVP -Pyrewood village Eu Pve

Human female warrior – Pyrewood village eu PvP
Great geared warrior PVP with 4098 gearscore 206 iLvl arms/fury,Betrayer of humanity weapon
Account registered under fake name, gametime paid until 21st november 2022, Transfer available
10500 gold in bags. 2.4k achievement points
hateful, deadly gear + Savage gladiator 3 pieces.
448 engineering 450 mining ,300 riding epic flying mount Black war mammoth, reawakened phase hunter
Exalted: Argent crusade,Ebon blade, Sons of hodir
Currency: 50 EoH,28 EoV, 35k honor. Has shield + tank weapon as well. Royal crest+ Red sword
4x T7 pieces (chest,gloves, head, shoulder) weapons: Betrayer of humanity,Titansteel destroyer, red swrod of courage,kel’thuzad reach
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server: Pyreood village eu pve Wotlk classic

Server transfer available.

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