Elf female hunter+ war+dk
Account status: Premium+ envoy. has 11 points on account.
Elf female Hunter: Pve geared with 6243 GS, 3/5 sanctified set,Shadowaut slayer cloak,Precious putrid collar,Scourge hunter wambraces,Nerub ar stalker cord,Returning footfalls
rings: Frostbrood sapphire ring,Ashen band. Trinkets: STS and DBW. Weapons: Fal’inrush +Staff of glacial ice
Fully enchanted and gemmed. Titles:Jenkins, Ashen verdict, Kingslayer. Big love rocket mount.
430 enchanting,445 engineering
Troll male warrior: fury arms pve geared with 6.3k gs 5/5 sanctified set, lanathel chain,Recovered scarlet cape,Aldriana gloves,Coldwratih links,Apocalypse advance
Rings: Might of blight and Ashen band. Trinket: STS and DBW
weapons: Glorenzelg + shadows edge+ fal’inrush
has 8 shadowfrost shards, 450 herb and skining
Tauren male DK: Tank pve geared DK with 6.33k gs Glorenzelg weapon, Bile encrusted Medallion,Sentinel winter cloak,Bracers of dark reckoning
Trinkets: sindragosa flawless fang. Petrified twilight scale. Rings: Ashen band+harbinger band
weapon: glorenzel 2h. Dk has some Dps gear in bags as well
has Deadly gladiator frost wyrm mount (310% speed)
450 engineerin, 450 mining


server: warmane icecrown

Elf hunter, Troll warrior, Tauren DK

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