Mage&Priest – EU PvP

Level 60 female Undead mage+ Troll priest-Zandalar tribe EU PvP
Superb geared mage Full T1, 5xT2 and dozen of random good epics.
Click here to see armory link with main gear set.
+463 spell power (perhaps can go higher with some gear mixing)
Extra gear in bags: Zandalar set 3 pieces,Full bloodvine set,Soul corrupter necklace,Tome of ice lord
Flarecore leggings,Robe of volatile power,Sapphiron drape, bloodcaller
Extra Trinkets: Eye of the beast, Arena Grand Master
Exalted with AV, 300 herb , 300 tailoring,300 cooking, 300 first aid and epic riding.
Female Troll priest alt is pre bis epic geared with pieces like Anathema/Benediction,2xT1
felcloth gloves, Cyclopean band,Eye of orgrimar, Zandalar hero charm,Cloak of hakkari worshipers and more.
Priest is exalted with AV
Has 300 alchemy, 250 tailoring, Epic mount.

Server: Zandalar Tribe EU Rppvp

Server transfer is available for both characters.

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