Mage+Druid 6.2kgs

Human male mage+ Elf druid
Account has premium status.
Mage:6.1k gs pve geared mage with 2 wrathful pieces
BIs weapon: Archus staff, Bis trinket: Dislodged foreign object, Bis ring: Ashen band + ring of rapid ascent
Bis neck: Amulet of silent eulogy
Gunship captain mittens,Deathfrost boosts, Leggings of woven death
Wrathful back and wrist. Blue proto drake mount
430 engineering, 450 herbalism
Elf female druid: Feral geared with 6k gs mostly pvp geared.
Has 2 wrathful set pieces(Helm and shoulders) + 4 off set wrathful pieces.
BIS weapon: Oathbinder, bis trinket: Sharpened twilight scale
Bis ring: Signet of twilight
450 skining
On account there is lvl 80 DK with 5k gs and lvl 77 paladin alts.


server: warmane icecrown

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