Elf druid- Bis pve feral 6.6k

NE female druid-Bis feral cat
Absolute BIS 6566 GS Feral pve [BIS] Has Zul’Aman Tmog
Enchanted and gemmed properly. All gear is HC
Druid has no other gear at all. Just bis PVE set.
4/5 sanctified set,Sindragosa cruel claw,Shadowvault slayer cloak,Umbrage armbands,Aldriana gloves,Astrylian cinch,Frostbitten fur boots,
Ashen band, signet of twilight.
Trinkets: STS+DBW
Weapon. Oathbinder+Idol of crying moon,
Titles: Of shatered sun,Bane, Flamemaster,jenkins, Twilight vanquisher,Starcaller,Nightfall, Explorer,LOd, Love fool,Noble, patient
Pets: razashi hatchling,Mr wiggles,Phoenix hatchling,Willy
Mounts: Crusaders white warhorse,Invincible, Swift razashi raptor,Swift spectral tiger. 4585 achi points
408 engineering,450 JC

server: warmane icecrown

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