NE rogue-Gehennas PvP

Level 60 Night elf fmale rogue+Troll male shaman-Gehennas and Ashbringer EU PvP

Characters on Gehennas server: lvl 60 elf rogue , lvl 32 paladin alt and lvl 26 warrior alt.
Click here for Elf rogue armory link
Attunements done. Friendly AV and WSG
300 mining,300 first aid,60% mount and rank 4 atm.
Characters on Ashbringer server: Lvl 60 troll shaman and lvl 52 troll mage
Shaman has some pre bis pieces, and he miss neck and weapon.
Exalted with AV, 300 riding with epic mount
Level 52 troll mage has very decent gear with 290 tailoring and 270 skining.

server: Gehennas and Ashbringer EU PvP

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