Orc rogue 60-Flamelash EU

Level 60 orc female rogue

Superb geared rogue, full pre raid bis.
Gear:Nightslayer pants, Mask of unforgiven,Mark of fordring,Truestrike shoulders cape of black baron. Cadaverous armor,Deepfury bracers,Devilsaur set,Vosh’gajin sash, Swiftwalker boots, band of the penitent,Blackstone ring
Weapons: Both dal rend weapon set(Crusader on both)
Trinkets: Hand of justice, Blackhand breadth
Ranged: Precisely calibrated boomstick 300 alchemy 279 engineering 300 first aid 60% mount Attuned to Onyxia and MC Has 4x mooncloth bags and bag full of consumables+engineering gadgets. 10 gold in bags.

Server: Flamelash EU

Gametime: Up until 19 october

Superb geared Rogue. Full pre raid bis geared!


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