Orc warrior – Superb tank and dps

Level 60 female orc warrior
Superb geared tank and dps warrior.
Dps gear: Lionhearth, Eye of hakkar,Drake talon pauldrons, Unyielding cloak,Savage gladiator chain, Wristguards of stability
Onslaught girdle,Titanic leggings,Don julio band, Master dragonslayer ring,Drake fang talisman, Blackhand breadth
Weapons: Dooms edge, Claw of black drake, Draconic avenger 2 hander
Tank gear:
T2.5 boots, 4xT2, 4xT1,Signet ring of Bronze dragonflight,Elementium Threaded cloak,Syleen impending scarab, Lifegiving gem,pendant of qiraji guardian
heavy dark iron ring,Stygian buckler,Drilborer disc,
Has T2.5 tokens for shoulders and head in bags.
Exalted AV. 300 mining, 300 first aid, 100 cooking,150 riding epic mount
Rank 6 at the moment.

Superb geared warrior, both tank and dps gear sets. Has several BIS items as well as T2.5 pieces.

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