Orc male shaman

Level 60 orc male shaman

Very runique elemental geared shaman.
Mish undare, Soul corrupter necklace,Shroud of Nathrezim, Cape of trinity,Zandalar augurs hauberk,Bracers of arcane accuracy,malistar defender,
Totem of rage,Eye of the beast, Totem of perfection,Band of servitude, band of sulfuras,Boots of fallen prophet,Scaled leggings of Qiraji fury,Primalist wasitguard,
Slimy scaled gauntlets.
Weapons: Hand of edward the odd and Staff of dominance.
2 Full bags of extra elemental gear that can be combined. Many epics.
Exalted AV
300 enginering
300 mining
150 riding epic mount
Highest rank stone guard.


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