Orc warlock – Bis pvp 6.3k gs

Orc male warlock-Bis PvP

Superb geared warlock with 6.3k gs

 4/5 wrathful set,Amulet of silent eulogy,Frostbinded shredded cape,The lady’s brittle bracers,Crushing coldwraith belt,Wrathful boots,

Valanar other signet ring,Ashen band,Dislodged foreign object, Charred twilight scale

Weapons:Frozen bonespike,Shadow silk spindle,Corpse impaling spike

+3575 bonus spell damage non buffed!

Each piece of gear is fully enchanted and gemmed.

Titles: Champion,AV, nightfall, Kingslayer,Lod. Patient

Mounts: Brital nether drake 310% speed mount.Brewfest kodo, Traveler tundra mammoth,Razashi raptor, Swift white hawkstrider

400 Bs,414 LW, 4x portable hole bags + abysal soul bag. Awesome transmog as well!

2650 achievement points.

server: Warmane icecrown

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