Orc warrior 60- Skullflame EU

Orc warrior Level 60-Skullflame EU

Decent tank geared warrior

Gear:Golem skull helm,Talisman of Evasion, Several T0 pieces,Axe of deep woods, Crest of retribution,Blackcrow

Deathbone gloves and legs,Savage gladiator boots, Myrmidon signet,Thralls resolve,Force of will, Rune of the guard captain

Extra weapons:Ravager, Dreadforge retailiator,Skullforge reaver

260 engineering, 295 mining, 300 first aid

60 % riding and 180 gold in bags.

44 orc shaman alt on Shazzrah realm

90 gold in bags. Decent blue dungeon gear with 225 skining

Server: Skullflame EU and Shazzrah Eu.

Gametime: Up unitil November 8.

Decent warrior on Skullflame server with good tanking gear set, a lot of gold as well as leveled up professions.

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