Orc warrior

Level 60 male orc warrior – Yojamba OCE US PvP

Great geared warrior.
Dps gear: Lionheart helm, Will of martyr, Zulian tigerhide cloak,Deathdealer breastplate, Battlborn armbraces
Devilsaur set, Brigam girdle, Boosts of avoidance,Seal of jin, Seal of gurubashi berserker,Rune of guard captain
Blackhand breadth
Weapons: Ancient hakkari manslayer and axe of deep woods, Dal rend Sacred charge,
Dreadforge retaliator 2hander
Has decent pre bis tank gear set as well.
Attuned, Has 300 riding epic mount
200 engineering, 50 mining, 100 first aid
300 gold in bags and about 100 more in bank materials.
Gametime paid up until 10th july
Character trasnfer was used on mayb 7th

server: Yojamba OCE US pvp

gametime paid up until july 10th

Character transfer was used on may 7th

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