Paladin-7k gs

Human male paladin-Superb PvE geared..
BIS PvE geared retribution paladin with shadowmourne.
6923 gearscore!
5800 attack power. All gear is properly enchanted and gemmed
each piece of gear is HC except Ashen verdict ring.
4 pieces of sanctified set( head, shoulder, chest and legs)
Penumbra pendant, Shadowvault slayers cloak, Ubrage armbands
Fleshrending gauntlets,coldwraith links,apocalypse advance, signet of twilight
Sharpened twilight scale,Tiny abomination in a jar, whispering fanged skull
has full relentless pvp gear set in bags
Titles:Bane, jenkins,Ashen verdict, Kinglsayer,Argent champion, LOD,noble
Mounts: Big love rocket, bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher(310%)ravenlord
Swift zullian tiger, travelers mammoth
22 exalted factions
maxed engineering and enchanting + 20k gold in bags.
4365 achi points.
On account there is also level 80 troll female shaman on frostmourne server.
Shaman has 3843 gs and 7k gold in bags.


server: warmane icecrown WOTLK

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